Prashanth Srinivas is a music composer for film and digital media. He is also a trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, specialised in creating a wide variety of songs and musical soundscapes.

RagaHaus is his genre-free musical initiative formed as an amalgam of the words :

RAGA - A collection of notes depicting various moods within Indian Classical Music

HAUS - pronounced ‘house’ , which represents a musician’s house or home, in Austro-German etymology

We have been a part of numerous Film, OTT,  Advertising and other Digital Media collaborations in the last few years and believe that each collaborator is an artist in his or her own right and brings something fun and enriching to the table.

Here is a short roundup of what Prashanth’s musical journey has been  all about so far!

Mumbai (1997-2007) - Carnatic Musical Training under Vidushi Smt. Veena Shastry

Singapore (2007-2011) - Graduated with a Computer Science Degree from Nanyang Technological University, and was an integral part of many musical events in Singapore.

SAE, Singapore (2011-2013) -  Graduated with Diploma in Audio Engineering from the SAE Institute, Singapore.

KMMC, Chennai (2013-2015) - Graduated with a Diploma in Western Classical Music from Dr. A.R. Rahman’s Music Conservatory in Chennai; winning the All Round Student of the Year Award for 2 consecutive years.

USC, Los Angeles (2015-2017) - Was the 2nd Indian ever to graduate with a Masters in Film Music Composition from the renowned Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Hollywood (2016-2017) - Interned and assisted multiple composers in Hollywood like Junkie XL and Ian Honeyman - scored background music for over 30 films (short and long form).

KMMC, Chennai (2017) - Worked a Music Technology Faculty for 6 months at A.R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory, Chennai.

RagaHaus Studios, Mumbai (2019) - Set in the heart of the Indian Film Industry in Mumbai, Prashanth currently works out of this state of the art musical setup since August, 2019.

Where Words Fail. Music Speaks.

Dheere Zara Dheere